We created the Door County Wedding Expo to promote buying from local Door County vendors …and we hope you will join us!


Stephen and Alisa…

Collaboration vs. competition, what works best?

We are led to believe that Darwin’s #survivalofthefittest must indicate that competition is a fundamental law of nature. Upon further exploration, you may discover that it is Darwin himself who realized that cooperation is a greater asset in ultimate survival of a species. Darwin observed how certain creatures of the ocean are able to overcome the relentless pounding of the surf by a cooperative effort to manifest a coral reef. In Barcelona, there were two bars at opposite ends of a popular nightlife district and they were both struggling to stay afloat that is, until they agreed to swap matchbooks. Each bar began to advertise the other and business blossomed for both of them.

Each year, we host two Wedding Expos at Leathem Smith Lodge in Sturgeon Bay, one in late winter and one in late fall. The goal is to work as a team, to let couples all over the Midwest know that Door County is not only a 4-season destination wedding location with significant savings available in the off-season, but also that we have a broad spectrum of experienced wedding vendors and a variety of unique venues that can make planning and conducting a wedding a most enjoyable experience.

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